If you ever happen to be in Mineral Wells, TX, check out the breathtaking but defunct Baker Hotel, which opened in 1929. It’s huge! The great news is that it’s getting renovated and will reopen in 4 years. We’ll definitely have to come for a stay.  (at The Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells Texas)

07.06.14 @ 17:04

#obligatoryfourthphoto (at at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas)

07.05.14 @ 00:01

Jessi and Jeff! Wish Jeff didn’t have to go back to Chile so soon, but looking forward to many fun times with Jessi in the next month!

03.28.14 @ 19:34

Requisite cat photo. #artemis #kitten

03.28.14 @ 19:282

Blinding strawberries. #urbanfarming

03.28.14 @ 19:23

One more. #sorrynotsorry #beeeeees #kaleywale #urbanfarming

03.28.14 @ 19:15

I love these. 🌿🌼+🐝=💏

03.28.14 @ 19:09

Still got some kale in the ground? Let it bolt! The bees will thank you. #savethepollinators #urbanfarming

03.28.14 @ 18:59