Jessi and Jeff! Wish Jeff didn’t have to go back to Chile so soon, but looking forward to many fun times with Jessi in the next month!

03.28.14 @ 19:34

Requisite cat photo. #artemis #kitten

03.28.14 @ 19:281

Blinding strawberries. #urbanfarming

03.28.14 @ 19:23

One more. #sorrynotsorry #beeeeees #kaleywale #urbanfarming

03.28.14 @ 19:15

I love these. 🌿🌼+🐝=💏

03.28.14 @ 19:09

Still got some kale in the ground? Let it bolt! The bees will thank you. #savethepollinators #urbanfarming

03.28.14 @ 18:59

These Texas Tiny Houses are just incredibly cool. 95+% salvaged materials, no wider than 12 feet, and no longer than 30 feet. This one used dried grapevine and antlers for a staircase banister.  (at Tiny Texas Houses)

09.15.13 @ 13:36

My first Lockhart BBQ experience! Yum! (at Kreuz Market)

09.14.13 @ 14:59

The best progressive think tank in Texas and a delicious worker-owned pub, all right on a rail line? Don’t mind if I do. #cppp #blackstarcoop (at Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery)

09.04.13 @ 18:38